3rd July 2016

Power Supply Problems GB3TP GB7TP MB7UL

Bad news – building work has started at the farm that hosts GB3TP etc. A digger has ripped up a section of the 500m armoured underground mains cable that feeds the bunker housing all our equipment.

We are currently trying to get an update from the farmer about just what is happening, and the options (if any) for us going forward. It may be possible to repair the break, but the impact of the new building(s) is unclear at this time.

Whatever happens, it is clear that service will not be restored anytime soon.

We are now thinking about alternative sites if we lose the use of this site permanently, but given the reduction in use of TP etc. recently, we feel the Aire Valley user community needs to have a discussion on the possibility of retiring the repeaters.

Comments / input most welcome to g8zmg@yahoo.com

73 Phil M0IRK, Steve G8ZMG




29th May 2016

Linking to Yaesu Fusion Wires-X rooms

Additional functionality is being added to BM-UK allowing cross connections between the BM-UK DMR network and the Yaesu Fusion Wires-X network.

The North-East Group on TG23560 (also accessible via reflector 4416) is now mapped to Wires-X room 27408.

I’m sure many more links will be established soon.  Check the links page for more details.