29th May 2016

Linking to Yaesu Fusion Wires-X rooms

Additional functionality is being added to BM-UK allowing cross connections between the BM-UK DMR network and the Yaesu Fusion Wires-X network.

The North-East Group on TG23560 (also accessible via reflector 4416) is now mapped to Wires-X room 27408.

I’m sure many more links will be established soon.  Check the links page for more details.


20th May 2016

MB7UL: NOV Issued

I am pleased to report that OfCom have issued a NOV for MB7UL to operate as an APRS IGate & DIGI-repeater.

Normal service has now been resumed.


3rd May 2016

Further changes to GB7TP & GB3XL

We have made two further small changes to the configuration of these repeaters to standardise the functions across both DMR repeaters in the Aire Valley.  These changes do not require any programming changes to configurations loaded into user radios.

  • GB7TP now defaults to reflector 4400 (UK) on timeslot2, TG9 (GB3XL always did this).
  • GB7TP and GB3XL are joined together on timeslot1, TG9, offering an extended “local” Aire Valley group.

If you want a local-only QSO on TP or XL without the linking feature, please use TG10 on TS1.  Of course, this will require a change in your codeplug to add a channel for TG10.


1st May 2016

Changes to some Talkgroups on BM-UK

Following months of parallel running, the “8xx” series talkgroups have now been retired and replaced with their “235” counterparts.  Anybody still using an old codeplug in their radio will need to update the settings to use these talkgroups.

The main change relevant to users of GB3XL & GB7TP is:

TG860 is now TG23560 (North-East region).

We are seeking clarification on the position of TG80 & TG81.

Steve G8ZMG

 Update: 3rd May 2016

It would appear TG’s 80 & 81 are being retired.


20th February 2016

GB7TP joins the BrandMeister UK DMR Network

In common with other existing repeaters in the County, GB7TP has switched to the BM-UK network today.

All operational features, talkgroups etc. remain the same.  In addition, new features such as reflector access, and D-Star bridging etc. are available.

North East regional access via talkgroup 23560 (also known as TG860) on timeslot 2.

TG23560 includes :GB7TP,GB3XL,GB7EL,GB7TD,GB7HS & GB7HX.

Web links to information about the BrandMeister network can be found on the Links page of this site.

Steve G8ZMG